Meisjes van vijftig haten Benno Larue nachtmerrie

Child molester Benno Larue causes nightmares

I made a serious mistake tonight! And it’s one that will cost me my goodnight sleep. No amount of meditation videos can help with this. I could have prevented this of course. It would have been enough to zap further. Or read a book. Or follow my original plan for the evening: playing The Witcher 3. Believe you me: The crones in the Witcher are less nightmare material. I know, I know, I shouldn’t watch. I;m the one to get mad when a child is the victim in Criminal Minds. But channel surfing is risky business for the unsuspecting couch potato. So here I was: stuck at RTL Z. They broadcasted the documentary the Benno Tapes. I was instantly shocked by the fact that a news channel would give airtime to a convicted child molester. By means of a documentary that is nominated for the NL Award. I fell right in the middle of the docu, so I didn’t see it all. But what I saw made me sick.

It’s everyones fault, except Benno’s. 
Mister Larue is not satisfied with his breakfast.  It would have been fitting to show some gratitude to the monks that offered him shelter, but nothing could have been further from the truth. No, he threatens and threatens. And complains and nags. What a creepy man. He cries because it looks like he’ll be homeless soon. And now he looses all he’s built. All his social contacts. What? He lives with monks, for crying out loud! What has he built? Who are his social contacts? The only thing he does is moaning and crying. Because he is treated sooooo badly. It’s is obviously the probation officers’ fault if he abuses a child. They should have given him a better home! Really, I don’t make this up! Benno Larue literally threatens to commit a crime on television, because he feels he isn’t treated right. The mental healthcare is responsible for him hurting another kid. Because he can’t be open with his current doctor. She is too critical in his opinion. He needs someone more cuddling.

What will this do with the parents and the victims?
It wouldn’t be so bad, if this program added something to the discussion. Like how difficult it is to turn back to normal life after a 6 year jail sentence. But instead the documentary just leaves me with a bad taste. All I saw was a sorry excuse for a man, doing nothing but whining and threatening. A little man, taking no responsibility at all for his actions. At least, not in the part that I watched. I had to wonder, watching this man feeling sorry for himself: How must this feel for the parents of the victims or the victims themselves? To watch this program, I mean? Will they watch? Maybe to get some much desired answers? Or do they purposely not watch, to prevent being confronted with the face of the child molester. And what if, you’re just surfing the channels and see his ugly mug by accident? What will you do then. If I’m this angry about this program, what will this program do with the parents? I can’t bear to think about that. So that leaves me with one big question: what was the point of this program? Why broadcast it at all? If you know the answer, please let me know, because I can’t see any point to it. And that leaves me with 30 minutes I can’t get back. No matter how I’d wish.

It’s almost bedtime for me. Maybe I’ll play some Witcher, to expell some of the images I was confronted with tonight.

Over Charlie Sheen en Aids

Wat is er in vredesnaam aan de hand met de media en Charlie Sheen? Waarom is het nodig voor een National Enquirer en Radar Online om de 50-jarige acteur te outen als zijnde geïnfecteerd met hiv? En waarom is het nodig om de man op internet sites als de Daily Record te veroordelen voor het naar bed gaan met vrouwen (en mannen). Wat is dat voor virtuele lynching? Hebben mensen geen eigen verantwoordelijkheid meer?

FunFact: In de US zijn meer dan 1.2 miljoen mensen geinfecteerd met hiv en 12.8% (1 op 8) zijn zich niet bewust van de ziekte. 

Voor de duidelijkheid: Als jij je gerief zoekt bij een heroïne hoertje en je gebruikt geen bescherming en je gaat vervolgens -onbeschermd- met je vrouw/man naar bed, dan ben je wat mij betreft crimineel bezig en stel je je echtgenoot opzettelijk bloot aan een dodelijke ziekte. Dat je dat risico neemt met je eigen lichaam, moet je zelf weten. Maar dat je je partner daaraan blootstelt is misdadig. Continue reading “Over Charlie Sheen en Aids”