I love books. You can’t have missed that part of me if you follow this blog for a while now. I read in phases. There are periods I only read biographies. Or thrillers. Or just fantasy. Scratch that, I will always find time for fantasy books. But sometimes I just have to read all Jane Austen books, one after another. Followed by Charlotte Brontë. Apparently I am now in a period I just want to read books that make me happy. Like the Discworld books. Furiously Happy of Jenny “the Blogess” Lawson is one of those.  Just like You’re never weird on the Internet (almost) of Felicia Day. But it is not for every book that I write a review. The book, or the writer, has got to have touched me, one way or another. Matthew Norman did just that with his debut novel. So, I actually squeeked when I heard that Matthew Norman would publish his second book. His first novel made me laugh so hard, I was excited to get my hands on We’re all damaged through NetGalley. And Norman didn’t disappoint. His second novel walks us through a rough couple of weeks of a man in his thirties, recently divorced, who has to go back to his hometown when his grandfather is dying. I won’t spoil the surprises, but there are some great characters in there. Nice people, not so nice people, people doing stuff they shouldn’t do, but do anyway. And all of them are endearing. Even the mother. Well, at the end at least.

Yes, Matthew Norman made me laugh again with his We’re all damaged. I compared his first novel with Olivia Goldsmith and that comparison still holds. If you need a fun book that lets you laugh and make you feel good about your own dysfunctional family this is it. You won’t regret it.

Review: We’re all damaged by Matthew Norman

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