positive powers is een hardloop project

Remember, my last blog post? About the positive energy I received from other runners and their stories? It didn’t matter how many times we first timers asked the same questions, the experienced runners were always prepared to put our minds to ease. Questions about food, gels, training schedules, injuries, the start village at NYC. Even the weather forecast. We communicated through Facebook, private message, email and in one case even by telephone. Some runners really touched me with their stories. And really showed the positive power of running. For example the woman who lost her father last week. 

Running as therapy: positive power at its best

She couldn’t fully train the last couple of weeks, because she took care of her father. But she will be at the start next week. Because he can’t anymore. Or what about the man who battled for years with an alcohol addiction and connected health problems. He decided last year he had to take action. The before and after pictures are strong proof that training for a marathon has a positive power. Not only because of his weight loss. It’s the twinkle in his eyes and the smile on his face.  Or what to think of the man that will bring a quick visit to the hospital for a chemo before he will be at the start Sunday. There is a reason psychologists offer running therapy nowadays.

meisjes van vijftig hebben positive power

Positive power is a visual tribute to the runner

Apparently I’m not the only one who got moved by the running community. Gwen Jansen is a Dutch filmmaker who will run, just like me, her first marathon in New York on November 5th.  She too felt the positive power of the runner. So she decided to make a documentary that will be a visual tribute to the positivity of the runner. She wants to inspire and get as many people as possible into action.

Gwen Jansen: lifs is so much more fun with a positive mindset

Jansen: ” I see too many talented people that have lost their drive. They don’t seem to care anymore. They think in threats instead of opportunities and they don’t go all out anymore. That’s so sad! For them most of all. With this movie I hope to give them a positive boost. Life is so much more fun with a positive mindset and if you have the courage to live”.

And she’s got a point. If last year taught me anything, it is that running makes me happy. I’m truly smiling whenever I’m out on a run. It doesn’t matter how bad my day was. Or how grumpy I was before I went out. I’ve learned that I can be persistent. Even if I mentally want to give up.  I can take so much more than I would have thought. I can run so much further. Even when I’m in pain. And so, I’ll be in Staten Island on Sunday November 5th, in New York. With Gwen Jansen. And all those 50.000 other heroes that worked so damn’  hard to get there. You’re all awesome!

If the movie will produced depends on the success of the crowdfundingssite. Do you like what positive power represents? Go ahead and head over to Gwens site. Be positive, Take action!

Positive powers: a runners project

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