Furiously Happy is a happy book. About depression.

I like to read. As much as I can. Online, paper, books, blogs, magazines. My Kindle is almost burnt out right now. I can honestly say that reading is important to me. Books, well written books, will introduce you to a whole new world. They will bring you in contact with people you wouldn’t have got to know otherwise. You live with them, love them, breath with them. If lucky, you sleep with them. You’re sad if they die – Dobby anyone?. Continue reading

Sons of Anarchy teaches me to let go like Gemma

There are some days you just want to let go. Like Gemma did in season 1 of Sons of Anarchy. I mean, some days just work against you. I’m not talking about oversleeping and finding out you’ve got a flat tire. It goes deeper than that. Like walking under the awning at work and just that moment the water lodged there chooses to run free. Right into your neck. While you’re talking to your mom on your new mobile. And when you arrive at work the new intern is right there. In the same dress you’re wearing, just two sizes smaller. And less drenched of course. Do you REALLY think I’d feel like Bridget Jones at such a moment? Hell no! Those are the days I want to let my inner-Gemma out.  Continue reading

Review: Domestic Violets by Matthew Norman

Today I received the message that Matthew Norman will be publishing his second novel. Yeah! I received his first novel as an advanced reader copy through American Book Store in Amsterdam. And they published my review in their review section in 2011. Time to dust off that review and publish it here again. Maybe even read Domestic Violets again. In anticipation of his next novel We’re all Damaged. Girls! You all should read Domestic violets. You won’t be disappointed. Continue reading

Hartkloppingen - palpitations no fun

The funfacts of PeriMenopause

Menopause. That is something to do with hot flashes and sweating women, right? Grumpy old women? Sadly for us women, grumpy or not, the menopause transition, or the perimenopause can cause a lot more problems then just being sweaty. Just speaking for myself: I hardly ever notice a hot flash or excessive sweating. Grumpy old woman? Continue reading

crone witcher 3 verslaat Benno Larue

Child molester Benno Larue causes nightmares

I made a serious mistake tonight! And it’s one that will cost me my goodnight sleep. No amount of meditation videos can help with this. I could have prevented this of course. It would have been enough to zap further. Or read a book. Or follow my original plan for the evening: playing The Witcher 3. Believe you me: The crones in the Witcher are less nightmare material. I know, I know, I shouldn’t watch. I;m the one to get mad when a child is the victim in Criminal Minds. But channel surfing is risky business for the unsuspecting couch potato. So here I was: stuck at RTL Z. They broadcasted the documentary the Benno Tapes. I was instantly shocked by the fact that a news channel would give airtime to a convicted child molester. By means of a documentary that is nominated for the NL Award. I fell right in the middle of the docu, so I didn’t see it all. But what I saw made me sick.

It’s everyones fault, except Benno’s. 
Mister Larue is not satisfied with his breakfast.  It would have been fitting to show some gratitude to the monks that offered him shelter, but nothing could have been further from the truth. No, he threatens and threatens. And complains and nags. What a creepy man. He cries because it looks like he’ll be homeless soon. And now he looses all he’s built. All his social contacts. What? He lives with monks, for crying out loud! What has he built? Who are his social contacts? The only thing he does is moaning and crying. Because he is treated sooooo badly. It’s is obviously the probation officers’ fault if he abuses a child. They should have given him a better home! Really, I don’t make this up! Benno Larue literally threatens to commit a crime on television, because he feels he isn’t treated right. The mental healthcare is responsible for him hurting another kid. Because he can’t be open with his current doctor. She is too critical in his opinion. He needs someone more cuddling.

What will this do with the parents and the victims?
It wouldn’t be so bad, if this program added something to the discussion. Like how difficult it is to turn back to normal life after a 6 year jail sentence. But instead the documentary just leaves me with a bad taste. All I saw was a sorry excuse for a man, doing nothing but whining and threatening. A little man, taking no responsibility at all for his actions. At least, not in the part that I watched. I had to wonder, watching this man feeling sorry for himself: How must this feel for the parents of the victims or the victims themselves? To watch this program, I mean? Will they watch? Maybe to get some much desired answers? Or do they purposely not watch, to prevent being confronted with the face of the child molester. And what if, you’re just surfing the channels and see his ugly mug by accident? What will you do then. If I’m this angry about this program, what will this program do with the parents? I can’t bear to think about that. So that leaves me with one big question: what was the point of this program? Why broadcast it at all? If you know the answer, please let me know, because I can’t see any point to it. And that leaves me with 30 minutes I can’t get back. No matter how I’d wish.

It’s almost bedtime for me. Maybe I’ll play some Witcher, to expell some of the images I was confronted with tonight.

Geen alcohol na de overgang

10 tips for fresh armpits. Even during menopause

I assume this won’t be a terrible surprise for you, but the menopause causes more than hot flashes and mood swings. With a lot of thanks to the estrogens that are reaching their retirement, one of the symptoms of menopause is a changing body odor. So, here it goes: 10 tips for a menopause with fresh armpits.  Continue reading

Near Yosemite Sonora Lakehouse

AirBnB and my three favorite spots

For someone with love for traveling AirBnB has proven a true gift. Of course I can buy packages with Expedia. And Ticketspy offers me daily a lot of attractive travel opportunities. But sometimes it feels so much better to share a home with a local. To make your own breakfast instead of joining the queue at the breakfast service. And with 60 million users worldwide, in 197 countries, I’m apparently not the only one. That’s why I want to share my three favorite places with you. Three perfect spots I wouldn’t have found without AirBnB. Continue reading

Supernatural en Arrow panel comic con 2014

And that’s another year for me without Comic Con

Anyone who knows me even a little, knows how important last weekend was for me. It was the one weekend that would determine the planning for the rest of the year. Could it be this year? Could we plan for the summer holiday? Book flights? Check out hotels? Because it was last weekend, on Saturday February 20 that we had our last chance at tickets for Comic Con San Diego 2016. Continue reading

Lady Gaga eert David Bowie

Lady Gagas’ perfect tribute to David Bowie

The 58th Grammy Awards were awarded yesterday. And sorry, but I haven’t taken a moment to see who won. Actually I couldn’t be bothered. I didn’t even know who would perform. If you’re here because you want to know who won, this is not the place. You best head over to the Grammy Site. Nope, in this case I’ve been completely blown away by Lady Gaga, who happened to pass by in my Twitterfeed. Again! Continue reading

wat te doen in de Ardennen op een regenachtige dag

Did you know there is culture to be found in the French Ardennes?

Le moulin de bancigny-Franse ArdennenDaughter dear and I chose a very sad weekend in February to explore the French Ardennes. But what do you do on a rainy and cold day in the French Ardennes? It’s low season – or off season whatever you prefer – most attractions are closed and the beautiful estate we ended up in, tried to seduce us to spend the weekend reading and drinking hot cacoa. So, here are three day trips to do on a rainy day in the Ardennes.  Continue reading

Superbowl Lady Gaga volkslied

Spectaculaire Superbowl met Coldplay, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars

Het was een kort nachtje, meisjes, en ik zit de slaap nog uit mijn ogen te wrijven, maar het was de moeite waard! Het begon met Lady Gaga die de Superbowl opende met een fantastische Star spangled banner die tranen in de ogen bracht bij menig kijker. Ik hield het niet droog toen de regisseur ook nog eens de soldaten liet zien, die op dit moment in Afghanistan dienst doen. In een uitverkocht Levi stadium in Santa Clara (California) was het vervolgens tijd voor de Denver Bronco’s om tegen de Carolina Panthers te strijden. Maar als je denkt dat je tijdens de Superbowl gedurende de pauze naar het toilet kunt gaan, dan vergis je je. De rust van de Superbowl is niet – ik herhaal: NIET- het moment om naar het toilet te gaan. Al helemaal niet als de NFL heeft aangekondigd om van de 50e Superbowl een jubileumfeestje te maken. Dat is gelukt. In een 13 minuten durend live concert, komen Coldplay, Mark Ronson en Bruno Mars én Beyoncé voorbij. Kenners noemen het de beste halftime show EVER. Ik houd mijn mond verder. Kijk en geniet:

SB50HTS door YardieGoals

Nummers die voorbij komen:
Coldplay: “Viva La Vida”
Coldplay: “Paradise”
Coldplay: “Adventure of a Lifetime”
Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars: “Uptown Funk”
Beyoncé: “Formation”
Coldplay: “Clocks”/”Fix You”/”Up&Up”

Superbowl Lady Gaga volkslied

Lady Gaga opent de 50e Superbowl

Het blijft een feest die Superbowl Sunday. Begrijp me goed: ik heb totaal geen verstand van American Football. Ik moest voor dit stukje zelfs even opzoeken wie de teams zijn dit jaar (sorry, fans!). Maar elke keer zo half januari begint weer die spanning: wie gaat de Superbowl openen met het volkslied? Welke artiesten mogen de halftime verzorgen? En welke reclames stelen de show? Voor de opening viel dit jaar de eer van het volkslied toe aan niemand minder dan Lady Gaga.  Continue reading

De borsten van Susan Sarandon nemen Twitter bij storm

Borsten overspoelen Twitter met dank aan Susan Sarandon

Ze speelde in 89 films en 37 televisie series, stond op Broadway en is een gevierd activiste. Sinds 1999 is ze ambassadeur voor Unicef. En sinds deze week nemen haar borsten Twitter bij storm. Susan Sarandon mag zich op 69 jarige leeftijd, de held van Twitter noemen. Ze is het Meisje der meisjes met borsten die een eigen hashtag kregen: #CleavageGate. Degene die deze borstenstorm ontketende was presentator Piers Morgan. Hij noemde Susan Sarandon goedkoop vanwege haar kledingkeuze tijdens de Sag Awards. Toegegeven, de actrice liet heel veel borst zien. Maar niemand kan ontkennen dat het smaakvol was. Kijk mee en oordeel zelf. Continue reading

slapeloosheid in de overgang? Niet nodig!

Trouble sleeping during menopause? 3 Tips for a good night sleep

slapeloosheid in de overgangOkay, ladies, I think it is a problem that bothers all of us. And we really can’t always blame the hot flashes. Of course it’s a bother to wake up because of them. Every time I think about the time I slept, seconds before my head hit the pillow, I’m getting nostalgic. Those were the days!  But isn’t it true it is also our own fault? If I look at myself I have to confess: I worried too much. I moved too little. And I refused to adjust my food pattern to the changes in my body. So, for whatever it’s worth, here are my two cents on it. Or three actually. Three tips that helped me sleep better. Even now the menopause is trying to ruin my good night sleep. Because the days, I mean years, leading up to menopause, can seem endless if we can’t get a decent night sleep.  Continue reading

25 vragen aan een blogger

The 25 questions game for Blogger

25 vragen aan meisjes van vijftigYou learn a lot as blogger. You learn a lot pretty fast. Things you didn’t know you had to learn. Writing is the obvious one of course, but what about the use of images? And SEO? And about when your readers are online? And do you have to go social now too? But the most fun I get out of blogging – next to the creative process – is the blog community. Get to know so many people that are inspiring in so many ways. It can be writer of a beauty blog or a woman with Lyme disease. And every blogger is good at something and prepared to share that knowledge. Continue reading