Rennen in de overgang? Op naar de NYC Marathon 2017

Oh man, what have I done? Listen, no need to be shy about it. If you’re hitting 50 your hormones will have you do weird stuff. (YES. It’s the hormones! Don’t you dare suggest otherwise!). You’ve got more yesterdays than tomorrows. You’ll get the feeling now or never. Men have an easy solution for that. They buy a motorcycle. Or car they’ve been dreaming about since they were 16. Some exchange their wife for a younger model. Women tend to do it differently.They take a hiking trip through the country. Or make a trek through any of the desserts. Me? I just booked for the NYC Marathon. Like I said: what have I done! I’ve been talking about returning to New York ever since my first visit. And when the running virus hit me last year, with thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, it was easy to combine this new passion with my travelbug. Today I received my confirmation. No way back now!

How to get a ticket for the NYC Marathon?

There are a couple of ways to get a ticket for the NYC Marathon. Method one is putting your name in the lottery. It’s free. It’s easy. It just doesn’t guarantee you a ticket. You have to hope with all possible hope that the sorting hat will let you run. If you’re lucky enough to get in, you then can buy your air ticket and arrange your hotel.  I know runners out there that have been trying for years and still have to run. Girls, I’m 50 years old. If I don’t run it now, then when? So I opted for Method 2: I enlisted through an official Dutch representative. This gets you a guaranteed entry to the start of the TCS New York City Marathon. It is more expensive, sure, but you can start training now without having to worry if the training was for nothing. The Netherlands have 4 official representatives of the Marathon. They all have their own packages and possible travel routes. For runners and for the supporters. Which one is best for you, all depends on your wishes and your budget of course.

I went for the security of a specialist in running trips 

It took me a couple of weeks to compare all different packages. There are so many possibilities. It drove me nuts! You can fly directly from Dusseldorf. Or with a stop over in London or Reykjavik. Of course you can book a direct flight from Amsterdam. As you expect, the last option is the costly one. There are complete run and care packages. Those even include free consults with a doctor or therapist. The standard packages mostly provide flight and hotel and running package. You can choose a hotel near the finish. Or a hotel on Staten Island. Is there breakfast? WiFi? Not all packages provide transfers to the hotel or the start. I had a couple of wishes:

Hotel with free WiFi
Transfer to the start
Flight from Amsterdam
Possibility to re-book the return flight

After a lengthy research I chose for Marathons International. This organisation hosts marathon travels for 40 years now. I should be in safe hands.

And so that tiny detail is out of the way and we can start the hard work: Training. I ran 10 English Mile in September (16k). After that, my weekly mileage dropped dramatically. So to book for my first ever Marathon should be enough motivation to build the mileage back up. Because even a running newbie like me, understands that 16k is no way comparable to 42k.

182 Steps per minute>> Finish in 5:35 uur >> NYC Marathon >>60.060 Steps

A marathon isn’t run without a lot of training and even more devotion. And discipline. If you want to run it without an injury at least. And so I run 3 times a week now. Two easy runs of 30 minutes, which I will build to 1 hour the coming months. And in the weekend I run a long run, the mileage of which I will increase with 10% every week. Until I run a weekly 55 kilometer. I run 25 per week now. Oh yeah, and I work out in the gym two times a week to strengthen my core and my legs. Easy does it, is the advice. I really am confident that I am ready in November to run that 42k. It just needs a couple of steps before I get there.

Have you seen that awesome route, above? I admit, seeing it like this, scares me. I run 182 steps per minute. I hope to finish in 5:35. This means I only need to take 60.060 steps on November 5th. That should be doable. Right? Oh, but wait! I didn’t even tell you this fun tidbit! Running during pre-menopause is a great way to reduce all those health issues.

What hot flash? I’m still sweating from my long run! 

It is true. My cramps and aching bones have diminished. Or maybe it’s just that my muscles are still aching after a hefty workout and I feel the other pain less. And those hot flashes? Girl, I did my long run. I’m allowed to sweat! A study from the North American Menopause institute has proven that sports is extremely important for women in menopause. Our decreasing estrogen levels often create an array of physical and mental health issues that detract from a woman’s overall quality of life. The study had a group of postmenopausal women aged 45 to 64 years engaged in a supervised 20-week exercise program. All the women lived a rather sedentary life and didn’t work out for a year or even longer. After the 20 week program all women were not only fitter and had lost a significant amount of weight, they all experienced positive changes in short- and long-term physical and mental health. Hot flashes decreased or at the least were more manageable. If that isn’t motivation to take up a sport. Or run a marathon. Take that, hormones!

The NYC Marathon: that’s only 60.060 steps.

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  1. Have you heard of the 15K-schedule of Take a look at it, of you haven’t. The one thing you don’t want is an injury! You need to be able to do some shopping once you get to NY, so you need two good legs 😉

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