Sons of Anarchy

There are some days you just want to let go. Like Gemma did in season 1 of Sons of Anarchy. I mean, some days just work against you. I’m not talking about oversleeping and finding out you’ve got a flat tire. It goes deeper than that. Like walking under the awning at work and just that moment the water lodged there chooses to run free. Right into your neck. While you’re talking to your mom on your new mobile. And when you arrive at work the new intern is right there. In the same dress you’re wearing, just two sizes smaller. And less drenched of course. Do you REALLY think I’d feel like Bridget Jones at such a moment? Hell no! Those are the days I want to let my inner-Gemma out. 

And lets be honest, there are days you don’t need for everything to go wrong. You’re bitching anyway. The sun could be shining, your hubby is letting you know you’re the love of his life and at work you’re on top of everything. But you’re bitching anyway. Because, you know, hormones.

I LOVE Gemma. She is doing here what, I must admit, has crossed my mind a couple of times. A day. What I think has crossed every ones minds during menopause once in a while. But I lack the courage. Or perhaps I still do have some self control left, despite the menopause. Gemma does accept the consequences of her meno-explosion without a complaint. She spends a happy night in jail, just taking her me-time. And cooling off. Because apparently even Gemma can get hot flashes.

But I have to wonder: how many women around 45 years are in fact not accountable for their actions? I mean…. If you’ve got a post traumatic stress disorder, because your hormones are raging war in your body, in what degree can you be held accountable for your actions? And how much of your actions are on your hormones? Canadian woman Colleen Walsh didn’t get away with it in 2010. She assaulted another passenger during a flight and it is sad but true: the judge didn’t buy the story of experts that her hormones were the guilty ones. And if he would have gone along with it, where would that have left us, menopausal women? Would we have had an excuse to go on a rampage without consequences? Without a night cooling off in a cell? I mean, we all love to have some me time. But the Gemma way doesn’t seem the best way to achieve that.

Sons of Anarchy teaches me to let go like Gemma

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