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It’s not going well. I have trouble concentrating. I’ve lost every wish to take on new stuff.  I can’t hold my thought even for a second. My whole body is prickly. If ants are partying under my skin. I’m forgetful. Other small aches are troubling me, not alarming enough to go to a doctor. But it makes it hard to function normally. “Don’t forget your moodyness”, my husband calls helpfully from the couch.

Three legit reasons to book a trip 

Of course, it could be hormones. But isn’t it a little simple to throw all of this on that one massive heap: menopause? I don’t care what my doctor says, not all is caused by menopause.  Menopause is all about living through it. Workout, eating healthy. Accepting that for now, this is what it is and it won’t get easier until we lived through it. Until one year has gone by without any period. Until then, we have to take any medicin that’s available. For me that solution is simple: plan a trip! Don’t believe me?  Steroidsmag was so friendly to send me 8 reasons to travel in my inbox. I only needed three!

Why traveling is good for your health

  1. Traveling is a boost for your immune system. I couldn’t have said it better! All those foreign surfaces, weird bacteria, new people will challenge your immune system to adapt.
  2. Traveling improves your cardiovasculair system.  Unless  you spend your holidays on a beach towel, drinking cocktail after cocktail, you’ll be having much more exercise then if you stay in your desk chair. Even if you just walk from terrace to terrace. If you’re like me, you’ll be exploring new places and have a lot of exercise.
  3. Traveling reduces stress. Okay, this point is a bit tricky. Because we all know it won’t help your stress level if you’re standing in line to get through customs. Or if you have to go your embassy because your passport got stolen. And stress is bad for your health and doesn’t help your hot flashes. Usually stress is a big contributor to all menopause related illnesses. But in general, holidays are great to get you the much needed R&R. Which is a positive for your health.

Of course, traveling is a great distraction for the small complaints, the little ailments if you’re not sick, but feel a bit off. If a doctor can only say: “You’re completely healthy, apart from the menopause. There is really nothing I can do for you.” And it’s not only the travel that is a distraction, how about the search for the right destination. Often the planning is part of the fun for me and enough to pull me out of a rut. Believe me: my forgetfulness will disappear if I have to remember a flight or a hotel name. And I have no trouble concentrating if I’m researching a new destination.

Best excuse to book a trip: run a marathon!

Not completely by accident, my travels are easily to match to one of my other passions: running! In 2017 running brought me to Paris and New York. This year, I’ll go run a marathon in Liverpool, Berlin and Chicago. Three fun trips in the future. That not only means a lot of training, but also a lot of stuff to research. Where to sleep, what can’t I miss while I’m there, where to eat. Whát to eat! Last thing you want, is your stomach to be upset at the start of the marathon, because you made the wrong choice in the restaurant the night before. So, the search and the trip should keep my ailments in check. And because I know what happens if I don’t plan ahead: my marathons are planned well into 2020. Meisjes van vijftig rennen marathons

That is a great list, isn’t it! New york, Berlijn, Chigaco, Tokyo, London en Boston. All six cities are known for their great event: the Major marathons. I ran New York in 2017. 2018 Will be the year of Berlin and Chicago. Boston will follow in 2019 and London and Tokyo in 2020. And I’m researching where to run in fall 2020. If all goes as planned of course! But at least, the planning and research will keep my mental health in check. The training and healthy eating, should keep tabs on my physical health.  Let’s hope it works!

Is menopause troubling you? Book a trip!

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    1. Hahaha! Nee, helaas, na onze verhuizing naar “kleiner”, hebben we geen ruimte meer voor huisdieren. The Royals zijn van een goede vriend van mij, die in Miami woont, op deze manier blijf ik toch nog een beetje op de hoogte van het wel en wee van mijn peetkindjes 😉

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