25 vragen aan een blogger

25 vragen aan meisjes van vijftigYou learn a lot as blogger. You learn a lot pretty fast. Things you didn’t know you had to learn. Writing is the obvious one of course, but what about the use of images? And SEO? And about when your readers are online? And do you have to go social now too? But the most fun I get out of blogging – next to the creative process – is the blog community. Get to know so many people that are inspiring in so many ways. It can be writer of a beauty blog or a woman with Lyme disease. And every blogger is good at something and prepared to share that knowledge.

3 Tags for 3 bloggers
And so it happened that Sandra van der Auwera tagged me in her list with 25 Questions. Sandra is a Dutch lifestyle blogger and her blog is called Genieten in Style. Sandra was tagged by Hilde from the blog Regenboogbui. Indeed, it is just what it sounds like: an old fashioned chain letter! In a kind of new way. But then that means that I have to tag three other bloggers! And that is the most fun of this chain letter: you get to know other blogs and their writers. They inspired me. I got new ideas because of them. So let’s start shall we!

The next three blogs I tag are all new kids on the block, just like I am:

It hurts to say goodbye, you know!

25 Questions to the Meisjes van Vijftig

  1. Do you have pets? Queenie
    Sadly no. We moved to an apartment not long ago and it is my personal opinion that pets are not meant to be kept inside. They need outside space. Dogs ánd cats. So after we had to let go our dearest Queenie and Beertje (our cat),  we decided we wouldn’t take another pet. And honestly? It hurts too much to say goodbye, you know?
  2. Name three things close to you?
    My mobile, laptop and chips. Oooh, you meant this figuratively? My husband, my son, my daughter.
  3. How is the weather at the moment?
    It rained pretty hard, but it seems the storm calmed down for now.
  4. Do you drive a car? And if yes, have you ever been in an accident?
    Fietsen in AmsterdamSince I moved to the city, I only ride my bike. You can have accidents when you ride a bike, but I think that’s best left for another blog. I used to drive a lot for my work. And yes, it is inevitable that I didn’t see a car one day. Boom. I was lucky to get out of it with just some damage to the car.
  5. What time did you wake this morning?
    A bit too early for a Saturday: 9 am. And yes, I would have loved to sleep in. But I had an appointment, so there it goes.
  6. When did you take your last shower?
    This morning after I woke up. Didn’t you?
  7. What is the movie you watched?
    Labyrinth with David Bowie. In a sold viewing at one of the most beautiful cinemas in the world: Tuschinski. What a celebration of talent.
  8. What does your latest textmessage say?
    Oh that is an Amber alert message: the missing man has been found, thank you for your cooperation.
  9. What is your ringtone?
    A classic one: the dial up ring. It must be my age, you know. You can get melancholic.
  10. NewYork skyline polaroidHave you ever been to other countries?
    I have been lucky, yes! And everyt time again it is difficult to choose. There are so many beautiful places to visit, to explore. My bucket list is endless. I can’t pick a favorite. Or maybe the USA. Because it is so incredibly big and there is so much to discover.
  11. Do you love sushi?
  12. Have you ever used medicine to get to sleep? 
    Nope! Nope and Nope! That is not for me. If I can’t get to sleep, I use my meditation playlist. Works like a charm for me!
  13. Where do you do your shopping?
    I have three big stores at walking distance: two Jumbos and one Albert Heijn XL. So the only problem I’ve got is which one do I choose.
  14. Do you have brothers and/or sisters?
    Yes, I have a sister who is very dear to me. And no, she wouldn’t appreciate me publishing her picture here.
  15. Do you have a computer and a laptop?
    Two laptops, a PS4 and a Wii.
  16. How old will you be the next time you celebrate your birthday? 
    50 🙂 And I will be 50 for a lot of years to come!
  17. Do you wear glasses or lenses?
    Reading glasses 🙁
  18. Do you dye your hair?
    *Tsssssk Wait till you reach my age and then ask me again, will you!….
  19. What are your plans for today?
    After I publish this blog you mean? I will play a bit on the PS4: Witcher3 is my favorite at the moment. Yes, yes, even girls of 50 like their gaming.
  20. When was the last time you cried?
    That was that soon after the death of David Bowie, Alan Rickman died. Two heroes in one week was a bit much even for little old me.
  21. What is your favorite pizza topping?
    Sorry, can I pass on this one? I’m not much of a pizza fan.
  22. What do you prefer: hamburger or cheeseburger?Comic Con San Diego Quentin Tarantino
  23. Have you ever pulled a one nighter?
    Ha! In 50 years? What do you think? Last time was at Comic Con San Diego 2014. My daughter and I spent the night in line for Hall H. It was totally worth the loss of sleep though. We had a marvelous day.
  24. What is the color of your eyes?
  25. Do you notice the difference between Pepsi en Coca Cola?
    No! I don’t like soda at all! I drink water, coffee and tea. 
The 25 questions game for Blogger

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