Felicia Who? Well, you know, that actrice/writer/director/producer that still looks like a 16 year old girl. And no, she is NOT my hero, because she looks like a 16 year old. That could only make me jealous. No, she is my hero, because she does what she likes. And thrives on it. She is successful with it. A creative genius, that’s what she is. It can be a small role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer is or a lead in Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog. Or she can be writing, producing AND directing an internet series. (If you never watched you should watch The Guild!).

Really everything she does is a success. Or makes her famous, if only situational. But if she makes it looks easy, that doesn’t mean it IS easy. And that is what she lets us know with her latest project. A book. You’re never weird on the internet (almost). It’s a biography. Real life memoires. 

You’re never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
I published a review on Goodreads in which I mentioned I wanted to read in slow motion. I didn’t want to end the reading experience. And after ending I wanted to start all over again. Because I wanted to have Felicia with me. She made me laugh as only Terry Pratchett could, with his Discworld books. But on the moments that she was honest with us, not joking around, she gave us a peek in her soul. And she had me in tears. That is a gift.
Even better is that Felicia is an inspiration with her honesty. In many reviews about You’re never weird on the internet you’ll read the same: Felicia shows her readers that they are not alone in their being different. In their social awkwardness, in their love for the virtual world. The title could have been easily: You’re never alone. Really you’re not. Look! There are even more weirdos out there, just like you! And my hero is one of them.  I can honestly say that without Felicia Day, THIS blog wouldn’t have been born. Felicia Day was the inspiration. So, if you ever feel the need to spend a night with Felicia Day and be inspired: buy the book! You’ll never regret this. www.feliciadaybook.com

Oooh and Felicia? If you ever find your way to this small Dutch corner of the internet and read this: Thank you! For being an inspiration. But also for making my daughters 22nd birthday an unforgetable one. We danced secretly with you in the Geek and Sundry Lounge (San Diego, July 2014). On the Ducktales of all tunes. As I said: unforgettable. THANK YOU!

TL;DR : You’re never too old for a fangirl moment. Or dancing to Ducktales!


My hero, Felicia Day

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