Of all the articles I’ve written this past year, there is one that still attracts the most readers: the article about the Mirena. It is not exactly the article I had in mind when I started this blog. Meisjes van vijftig had to be a light read. Bring a bit of distraction in the busy life of a menopausing woman. Some with raging hormones share the house with teenagers. Talking about a generation clash! So, this blog was meant to be light hearted. And then I posted that Mirena blog. A bit on the heavy side. But no less honest. And very indicative of the fases I go through during the menopause.  

I am not regretting my years with the Mirena. The only thing I regret, is not acting soon enough when my body told me it had enough of the hormones. 

I still stand with my words then: I’m not regretting the first four years of the Mirena. I didn’t miss my periods at all. What I do regret, is not acting the moment my body let me know it didn’t cope well with the added hormones of the Mirena. It took me four extra years to decide to remove the Mirena. Four years of ever growing complaints.

But, did the complaints have to do with the Mirena? Did I prolong the menopause because of it?  Or is it something else? Would I have had the same complaints without it, just because I am menopausal? I’m no doctor, so the only thing sensible for me to do is, listen to my body and tell you how I feel. But you’ll have to remember: where one person feels great with a Paleo diet, another can get sick because of it. What works for me, doesn’t necessarily have to work for you!

From the attention the post about Mirena is gathering, I can only surmise that a lot of women have the same questions. And those women look to Google for answers. Women are doubting themselves and their bodies. The insecurities are there too when I get an email with questions. So little is known. And a lot of doctors don’t have the answers either. Let’s be honest here: some of the complaints can be really, really vague. I’m an expert on experience perhaps, but I am the wrong person to ask through email or otherwise to help you. I’m no doctor!

Don’t look to Google if you have health questions. Always consult a specialist!

And that is why it is best to contact a specialist when in doubt. And we women should consult someone specialized in women care. Do you have doubt about removing Mirena? Or are you thinking about taking the Mirena? Ask for a consult at a clinic specialized in women.  Every body is different. What is good for one woman, can be disastrous for another. Especially if you’re taking other medication too. Only a specialist can help with that. Don’t rely on Google for the answers. Just don’t. You could be  ruining your whole system by listening to the wrong person. So when in doubt: consult a specialist! And if your body tells you the answer is not working for you, keep on asking! Or consult another doctor. Below you’ll find a small selection of women clinics in the Netherlands. Here you can go for information on Mirena. But of course all questions related to the women body and menopause can be dealt with here.  Do you have a good experience with a doctor or clinic that is not mentioned here? Or a bad experience with one that is? Let me know! I would be grateful and with me a lot of other women. Happy menopause, girls!

Doubts about the Mirena. What to do?

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