Meisjes van vijftig hebben frisse oksels in de overgang

I assume this won’t be a terrible surprise for you, but the menopause causes more than hot flashes and mood swings. With a lot of thanks to the estrogens that are reaching their retirement, one of the symptoms of menopause is a changing body odor. So, here it goes: 10 tips for a menopause with fresh armpits. 

  1. Shave, ladies, shave! None of that modern stuff: let go of the armpit hair! The bacteria that will cause that nasty smell, do love a warm en moist place. A hairy armpit is paradise to them. That is not counting for the fact that hairs will conserve the smell. So please, get rid of them!
  2. It should not be needed to call this one out, but still it seems necessary, how unbelievable it sounds. But ladies: shower! If you want to shower 5 times a day? What’s stopping you? The old sweaty smell is mainly caused by bacteria and there is only one cure for it: shower. Declare war to those bacteria – and that sweaty smell – and wash often. Scheren die oksels voor een okselfrisse overgang
  3. Don’t wear your under clothing longer than one day. As soon as that sweaty smell settles down in your clothes, no deodorant can help you. So there is only one thing you can do to prevent this: Was after 1 time wearing. And if that smell does transfer to your clothing, pre-wash with vinegar. Really the wasmachine is your best friend.
  4. Wear cotton and natural fabrics. It is essential to wear clothing that can absorb your sweat.
  5. Anti-transpirant works better than deodorant. Deodorant keeps the the smell at bay, the anti-transpirant prevents the sweating. The American Cancer Society published a research paper on the safety of Anti Transparant.
  6. Cafeine and alcohol both produce a higher hart rate. This of course causes  us to sweat. If you notice you sweat more than you used to, please reduce your intake of cafeine and alcohol.
  7. Drink water. Ongetwijfeld heb je dit vaker gehoord, maar water spoelt je lichaam van binnenuit schoon. Aangeraden wordt om 10 glazen water per dag te drinken.
  8. Overgang: geen uien geenknoflook meerKale and Spinach. I know, I know, it sounds far fetched, and please be aware you don’t have to wear them, but both vegetables have the pleasant characteristic of neutralizing the food that will cause nasty smells. Think garlic, curry, red meat.
  9. Add Magnesium and Zinc to your daily intake. Pumpkin, dark chocolate, peanuts, figs, bananas, avocado are rich of both. And let’s not forget Popeye’s favorite, there she is again: Spinach! Hey, the guy was strong for a reason, you know!
  10. Dark Chocolate. I know, it’s hidden somewhere in between all the other good foods of nr. 9, but come on: it is DARK CHOCOLATE! Coffee is a goner, we can’t take alcohol no more. Garlic, onions, curry. All that is good has been taken from us. Everything tasteful is a no go in our menopause diet for fresh armpits during the menopause. Except Dark Chocolate. It’s rich with zinc and magnesium. We don’t crave chocolate for nothing when we’re pms’ing. Magnesium is low in our system in the week before the menstruation and during the pre menopause. Add one important perk: dark chocolate is good for your brains! Ladies, Eat Away!
10 tips for fresh armpits. Even during menopause

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